Roster selections made for 7th KTRE Pineywoods Showdown

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The 7th annual KTRE Pineywoods Showdown, which pits high-school basketball seniors from the counties of Angelina and Nacogdoches County, will be held Monday, April 20, at the Lufkin Panther Gym.

The girls' game starts at 6 p.m. and the boys will follow after.

Admission is $5 at the door. Children under the age of 5 can get in free.

The sixth year saw both Nacogdoches County teams break five-year losing streaks to Angelina. The Nacogdoches County girls took a 67-36 win and the boys followed with a 61-54 victory.

"The game gets more exciting each year," said event coordinator Jeff Awtrey. "A friendly but intense rivalry got even better when Nacogdoches broke the streak."

As always, every team has chosen a charity to play for. The winning teams' charities take the profits from the gate.

Below are rosters for each team:

Nacogdoches County girls, coached by Kim Cox of Garrison. Playing for American Heart Association.

Kylie Murdock, Garrison

Kaily Cox, Garrison

KiAundra Hayter, Garrison

Bailey Fountain, Central Heights

Emily Wright, Central Heights

Lindsey Carpenter, Central Heights

Nicole Muse, Woden

Bailey Butler, Woden

Chelsea Barnes, Woden

Daisy Sequeda, Martinsville

Terra Cramer, Chireno

Camary Wright, Nacogdoches

Angelina County girls, coached by Kirsten Hines of Hudson. Playing for Harold's House.

Kayla Trekell, Diboll

Kyla Cunninghman, Diboll

Dominique Doggett, Lufkin

Brittany Taylor, Lufkin

Keke Jones, Lufkin

Adriana Mosley, Hudson

Taylor Due, Central

Sasha Reppond, Huntington

Kaitlyn Hawley, Zavalla

Nacogdoches County boys, coached by Kevin Herron of Central Heights. Playing for Glory Gang.

Austin Little, Chireno

Trenton Carrigan, Douglass

Hunter Lee, Douglass

Levi Enloe, Martinsville

Cy Compton, Martinsville

DeRodney Thomas, Cushing

Zach Street, Central Heights

Joel Badders, Central Heights

Harrison Perkins, Central Heights

DeQuan Batiste, Nacogdoches

Tyler Underwood, Nacogdoches

Hunter Whitehead, Woden

Angelina County boys, coached by Shawn Jones of Huntington. Playing for Habitat for Humanity.

Trey Brooks, Lufkin

Worth Gabriel, Lufkin

Brent Loggins, Huntington

Dakota West, Hudson

Reed Glass, Hudson

Collin Craft, Hudson

Patrick Johnson, Diboll

Gary Hargrove, Diboll

Markus Garrett, PCA

Luke Collins, PCA

Jakob Smith, PCA

Justin Goins, PCA

The following are scores from the previous six years:


Angelina girls 61, Nacogdoches girls 49

Angelina boys 72, Nacogdoches boys 66


Angelina girls 48, Nacogdoches girls 36

Angelina boys 72, Nacogdoches boys 51


Angelina girls 65, Nacogdoches girls 31

Angelina boys 84, Nacogdoches boys 53


Angelina girls 48, Nacogdoches girls 28

Angelina boys 73, Nacogdoches boys 62


Angelina girls 74, Nacogdoches girls 72

Angelina boys 78, Nacogdoches boys 72


Nacogdoches girls 67, Angelina girls 36

Nacogdoches boys 61, Angelina boys 54

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