Lufkin Middle School receives top honor

Lufkin Middle School receives top honor
SOurce: KTRE Staff
SOurce: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lufkin Middle School Principal Jesus Gomez has the task of keeping the biggest junior high in Texas running smoothly.

"We are unique," Gomez said. "It's three schools in one. Three different schedules. Our kids are completely separated by grade level."

His commitment to more than 1,700 students has paid off. The school was recently selected as a Demonstration School by the Texas Alliance of Black School Educators. The school is now looked at as an example of how a school should run.

The school received the honor after a presentation to the TABSE board at the state conference in Houston back in February.

Running a school the size of Lufkin Middle School is not easy. Gomez points to a strong support staff as the reason for the honor.

"I have a great staff," Gomez said. "Teachers are the key to any success that I have."

Gomez is not blind to issues though. Gomez and his staff are always looking at ways to improve the campus. This year, the staff is tackling reading issues.

"District wide we have made a reading initiative that's a big push for the district so we are all focusing on our reading objectives and what we can do to reach our kids," Gomez said.

Every day brings a new challenge for this principal who has been at the school for 10 years. Students have come and gone, but for Gomez the goal is always the same.

"Our goal is for every child that enters our school, leaves further along than when they got here," Gomez said.

It's a goal he hopes other schools will latch onto.

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