North Lufkin community leaders meet to discuss resolving gang violence

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - There have been multiple gang related incidents occurring in Lufkin recently.

Just this week, it was reported that five alleged gang members from the "Savages" and the "East Side Gang" were arrested in connection to a shooting that took place on Martin Luther King Drive. They were also reported to have attacked a man with a cinder block.

A group of community leaders in North Lufkin have had enough. They held a meeting Friday at Jones Park to discuss gang violence and possible solutions to resolve the issue.

"I feel terrible about it and that's why we're here, to actually bring the community together as one and actually just strengthen one another to do better in life," said Lufkin area preacher Byron Coutee.

The group invited members from both gangs to try to resolve the issue face-to-face, but neither side attended.

Community leaders have been working with local law enforcement and city council on how to solve gang violence. They are planning on targeting school-aged boys and teaching them the dangers of joining gangs.

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