Former GE Lufkin employees attend Workforce Solutions orientation

Former GE Lufkin employees attend Workforce Solutions orientation

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Hundreds of former GE Lufkin employees attended Workforce Solutions sessions Monday, in hope of a better future.

“Today we were having an orientation of center services for Lufkin GE employees who were laid off to let them know how workforce can assist them in the transition in looking for work,” said John Riley of Workforce Solutions Deep East Texas.

Riley said he believes that about 90 percent of the employees laid off joined this afternoon.

“I think it was excellent. We had an excellent turnout,” Riley said

Workforce Solutions even called in reinforcements. Angelina College representatives spoke to the crowd about learning new trades.

“We can provide them training and that gives them the option of not falling back on skills that they already have that may not be in demand and for them to work on skills that could be in demand,” said Karen Bowser of Angelina College.

Bowser said her experience with previously-employed adults turned students, is always very positive.

“We found that they made the best students that we had seen in a long time,” Bowser said.

She even explained they qualify for unique educational benefits.

“Because they have been laid off and this is an income reduction that is not through their own fault, our financial aid department can help them with the FAFSA and an income reduction,” Bowser said.

There were also employers on site ready to hire.

“We had a company come in actually that had heard about the layoffs, from Beaumont, and they are hiring machine operators,” Riley said. “So, they're hiring a lot of people down there at their company, so we let them come down today and hand out applications.”

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