Some East Texans make nontraditional sacrifices during Lent

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - During Lent, many people give up their favorite things for 40 days and 40 nights.

However, in East Texas, not everyone went with the traditional sacrifice.

"This year my practice for Lent was to have a Friday fast rather than giving up one item," said Broaddus resident Terry Smith.

Many used their Lent practices this year as way to get more spiritual.

"This gives me a chance to spend more time in prayer and have more time in devotion," Smith said.

Not everyone gave something up. Instead, some decided to donate to those less fortunate.

"We challenged our church to collect coins and change for a group called Zoe Ministries, that serves young women in Africa and India," said Nacogdoches resident Lani Rousseau."Jesus calls on us to always give, so it seems to me that sacrificial giving for someone else is just a perfect thing for the Lent season."

In lieu of giving something up, others decided to take something on.

"Three times a day, I would take 15 minutes and work through a short liturgy and prayer or some scripture reading," said Nacogdoches pastor Trent Oliver. "Taking something on, especially something like this, is a way to really grow my spirit. It will really allow me to enjoy the resurrection at Easter a little more fully."

However, no matter what people did for Lent this season, everyone seemed to agree on one thing.

"I think the whole idea of Lent is to turn from our sins and our comforts to enter into the Passion and death of our Lord Jesus Christ," said Nacogdoches resident Lucy Hofbauer.

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