Local Lufkin boutique tells this year's prom trends

Local Lufkin boutique tells this year's prom trends

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - For some East Texas schools, prom is only a month away, and local dress shopping is in full swing.

For prom, there is nothing more important than picking the perfect dress, so we went to the professionals to find out which trends to watch this year.

“Blue is always a popular prom color,” said Caitlyn Kirkland of Rubie and Jane Bridal Boutique.

“Blue looks good on everyone, whether you have light skin, dark skin, light hair or dark hair,” Kirkland said.

For those looking for a more mature look, choose nude.

“This year, also nude and neutral colors are also popular,” Kirkland said. “So they have mixed blue and nude together through a lot of the dresses.”

However, there was one new trend took this Lufkin boutique by surprise during their first year of business.

“What we were not quite prepared for was 8th grade prom, which has kind of become the newest trend,” Kirkland said.

More middle schools than ever are taking part in this new practice.

“They are very popular around here, Hudson, Lufkin a lot of those schools have 8th grade prom,” said Kirkland. “Almost always, an eighth grader is looking for a short dress, something that's got sleeves, and something that is a little bit more on the modest side.”

She even says they take a unique twist to accessorizing.

“A lot of them wear like sneakers, tennis shoes, Converses with their 8th grade dresses, and it's really cute,” said Kirkland.

And when in doubt ... bling! Bling! Bling!

So, how much are East Texas locals willing to pay for these gorgeous garbs?

“They're going to run you anywhere between $100 to $200, but then we have higher end that's going to get you up to $700,” Kirkland said.

She also mentioned that it is most likely too late in the season for special-order dresses.

“A lot of times, mom or dad will just fall in love with the dress, just as much as the daughter, and they will make it happen no matter what,” Kirkland said.

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