Does constantly changing weather really make us sick?

Does constantly changing weather really make us sick?

DIBOLL, TX (KTRE) - Spring weather often brings about a lot of changes, especially in the weather.

"You'll wake up one day, and there's frost on your car, and the next day, we're out sweating in a T-shirt," said Joshua Talbert, a Woodland Heights outpatient clinic physician assistant.

Many people claim that the constantly changing weather causes them to get sick, but is this true?

"Following the trends that you see from  providers' offices, urgent care clinics and ERs, I think the trends speak for themselves. People feel ill more often when they have weather changes," Talbert said.

So how exactly does it cause people to become sick?

"I think when the weather changes drastically, whether it be hot or cold, it weakens our immune system some, and it can allow us to become ill more easily," Talbert said.

According to Talbert, illnesses like strep throat, the flu, and even the common cold are frequently caught in the spring due to the constantly changing weather. It can even affect joints.

"When the temperature drops, the viscosity of synovial fluid, which is the fluid that lubricates our joints, decreases, and it takes a while for that fluid to circulate around your joints and you ache more," Talbert said.

Some things Talbert suggested people can do to prevent getting sick this spring are eating healthy, exercising, getting plenty of Vitamin C and D, taking probiotics, and even just washing your hands. However, sometimes, these things just aren't enough to prevent everybody from falling ill.

"We're just at the mercy of Mother Nature sometimes," Talbert said.

So if you're one of the many East Texans that has fallen ill due to the changing weather,  you're not alone.

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