Wells celebrates Homecoming, refuses to let recent events dampen spirits

CHEROKEE COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Few events in the city of Wells draw people together more than its annual Homecoming.

It means that we get to come together and enjoy each other and see each other," said Wells resident David Goodwin. Those that haven't lived here in a while get to come back and be a part of it and have a good time."

"Homecoming is so much fun. I come every year," said Wells resident Alyson Dixon. "It's just great to see everybody and to go back and remember the good times that we've had here."

From the way that they celebrated Saturday, no one would never guess the town is known by most as the location of the controversial Church of Wells.  That's all due to  the fact that the citizens of Wells don't see it that way.

"There's a lot of closeness here in Wells. The people are really good," Dixon said. "They're good-hearted and we've been raised right and it's just nice to come home and be with people that care about you."

The residents take pride in their hometown and the community that always bands together and supports each other.

"We are a close-knit community and everyone depends on each other, everyone watches out for each other," Goodwin said.

The Church of Wells has only been in town for a few years, but this community has been here for decades, and won't let the actions of a few ruin the spirit of their beloved town and traditions.

"Wells is a good place to be, there's good people here. There's bad things that's happened, but you have that everywhere," Dixon said. "Wells it's really a good place to live, and the school is amazing, and the community is great."

"Through good times and bad, we're always here together," Goodwin said, "It's a wonderful East Texas town and we're proud."

Instead of dwelling on the negative, Wells residents said they will always choose to celebrate the community that is, very much, one big family.

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