Lufkin ISD encourages active lifestyle for youths at all ages

Lufkin ISD encourages active lifestyle for youths at all ages

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Today is the start of the 20th National Public Health Week and with the nation's goal of becoming the healthiest country in the world by the year 2030, we wanted to see how East Texas youth were doing on their health habits.

"IPad, iPhone, you see kids walking around with them and we spend a lot of time on them," said Jerri Kay Boyd of Lufkin ISD, "It's just the way it is today, and unfortunately that doesn't require a lot of activeness."

Jerri Kay Boyd of Lufkin ISD sees technology to be the biggest hindrance for the children in the East Texas area.

Dr. Tim Scallon of Lufkin's Memorial Hospital explained that East Texas is notorious for being an obese area, agreeing that technology, as well as easy access to food, influences bad health behavior.

Despite the influence of technology, Boyd says Lufkin students are becoming competitively active at a young age.

"Now, we have several elementary and primary schools that actually have running clubs," Boyd said

Even down at the primary education level, teacher like Cameron Seal are working to instill active habits in their students.

"A lot of it is understanding what overall health can do for your body in the long run," said Dunbar Elementary P.E. teacher Cameron Seal. "They're already going home, and I'm hearing parents say they're going shopping and 'We're buying more fruit, or we're going outside and playing a lot more and being active in the park.' Not just changing their bodies here but they're taking it home and being able to help their families and friends."

Boyd said that finding what interests each individual child makes for more successful and long-lasting health results.

"We just try to find what interests them because our whole purpose, you know, is to try and develop some kind of lifestyle for those children," Boyd said.

Dr. Scallon encouraged all adults to walk at least 30 minutes a day and for children to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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