Nacogdoches farmer provides farm-to-table products for over 40 families

Nacogdoches farmer provides farm-to-table products for over 40 families

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - For Bryan Pruett of the Appleby Community Farm, fresh produce is always at the tip of his fingers.

Beats, herbs, lemons, eggs, and more all come fresh from Pruett's farm, serving over 40 East Texas families.

"Most of our members are people who eat within the season," Pruett said.

He described his produce as being better than your typical organic.

"It's no secret anymore," Pruett said. "There's too many pesticides, too many chemicals, too many things that they're finding out are harmful for people."

This year the farmer is participating in the Texas Strawberry Project. A fruit Texas farmers hope to be able to grow in within the state.

His quest for delicious organics continues to grow.

"I think as the years go on, I think that people are going to see we are not just going to go away," Pruett said. "We're serious about what we're doing and they trust us."

"We try to get that knowledge out to people," Pruett said.

Pruett stressed that fresh food doesn't have to be boring. The farmer and his wife are preparing something special for fall.

"It's a pumpkin wine, and it's going to be served in Halloween, so it's aging right now," Pruett said.

Pruett said the incentives of "farm fresh" are endless.

"We always tell them, 'you can pay your farmer or you can pay your doctor,'" Pruett said.

It's a lifestyle he hopes to see continuously expand far beyond his close community.

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