SFA Psychology Department to represent East Texas in Southwestern conference

SFA Psychology Department to represent East Texas in Southwestern conference

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Students in SFA's Psychology Department will represent East Texas this weekend in the Southwestern Psychological Association.

Their inquiring minds and research lead over 40 student to have their presentations to be accepted.

This is the first time the department has seen this kind of a success.

SFA students are practicing explaining their findings in original research in the field of psychology on various topics of their choices.

"I'm a pretty curious person," said Margaret Hance, a graduate student.

Curiosity didn't kill these cats, but it lead them to the Southwestern Psychological Association conference including students from Arizona to Tennessee.

"I want to know why people act the way they do or behave certain ways in certain situations," said Hance.

From the Upsides of being unattractive to dog and owner personalities, the students explored over 26 mind-boggling ideas and questions.

Some won't be just presenting their findings.  Those Lumberjacks like Hance and Kyle Ripley will receive an award for studying informed consent and reading comprehension.

They are graduate students who studied elsewhere, but they say they've enjoyed the opportunities while working with their professor, Dr. Lauren Brewer. She serves as a mentor for most of her students.

"I'm enjoying it a lot. We get a lot of experience working with the faculty," said Ripley.

Deinisha Tryals looked into employers' perceptions of women with natural versus relaxed hair in the workplace.

She found that employers viewed African American women with straight hair as more professional.

"That's what got me interested in it. Is it really true or biased? Is it rumor or true?" said Tryals.

Tryals will also receive an award.

"It was amazing because I didn't think people would be that interested in a hair project." said Tryals.

Tonight was a practice run but,

"I think we're pretty ready to go. It will just come down to getting there and doing it," said Hance.

The competition will take place this weekend in Wichita, Kansas. The graduate and undergraduates will get to make names for themselves all over the southwest region.