NFL legend Terry Bradshaw performs with The Isaacs at Angelina Co. church

NFL legend Terry Bradshaw performs with The Isaacs at Angelina Co. church
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
NFL legend Terry Bradshaw made a surprise stop in Pollok Saturday, and performed on stage with The Isaacs, a well-known Gospel group, at the Clawson Assembly of God.
According to Pastor Kevin Poag of the Clawson Assembly of God, they received a call that Bradshaw might attend the concert.
“He was in Shreveport with his mom. He grew up there,” Poag said. “He saw they were coming here and said, ‘That's not far, so we can go to the show.”
Poag said that Bradshaw told them he didn't want his visit advertised because he wanted to keep it low key.
As of Monday morning, the video posted to The Isaacs' Facebook page had 10,625 likes and 28,598 shares.
In the video, Bradshaw explained that he is friends with the members of The Isaacs, and he, his wife, and his mother decided to attend the concert at Clawson Assembly after the threat of bad weather put a damper on their plans.
“I show horses in Lufkin, Texas. We do it every year,” Bradshaw said. “I said, ‘There's a lot of rights and lefts, but hey, we're coming.”
After Bradshaw introduced his wife and mother, he joked, ‘How many people can say that they had The Isaacs open for them?'”
Then Bradshaw and The Isaacs performed a hymn called “What a day that will be.”
 Bradshaw, who was inducted into the NFL Hall of fame in 1989, was the first player taken in the draft in 1970, and he played for the Pittsburgh Steelers from 1970 to 1983, according to the Website.
Bradshaw led the Steelers to four Super Bowl wins, and was the MVP in Super Bowls XIII and XIV.
Watch the video here.

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