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Jamya is looking for the Gift of LoveJamya is looking for the Gift of Love

Jamya is looking for the Gift of Love

Gift of Love: Jamya

(KLTV) -  It was an afternoon of fun at the bowling lanes for Jamya and me.  This little bundle of joy and energy is full of personality.  Jamya says she likes to learn.

"Doing math, science and social studies and reading mostly," Jamya said.

As for her future, this 5th grader already has a plan.

"A veterinarian and a singer," Jamya said.

Jayma says she really has a heart for animals, especially dogs.

"What I want to do when I get older help dogs all around the world that are on the streets. I'll pick them up and take them with me and I'll get them shots and I'll give them to somebody that wants to adopt them," Jamya said.

When not in school, Jayma likes to practice her singing.

 "Listen to my music alot. My MP3 player," Jamya said.

Jamya is a girly girl who loves bright colors and playing dress up.  She also likes to play with her dolls.

As for her favorite foods, "I like to eat chicken fried steak and I want gravy on it too and I like to eat mashed potatoes and gravy and the second thing I like to eat chicken strips and fries and hamburger and fries," Jamya said.

And for dessert, "I like to eat peach cobbler," Jamya said.

A la mode of course! 

When it comes to Jamya's ideal family, she says she would love to have a sister.

"Because I don't want to be alone playing dolls by yourself," Jamya said.

Finding that perfect family is very important to Jamya.

"I don't want to be on my own. I need someone to support me," Jamya said.

She really looks forward to having a mom and a girls night out just the two of them.

"We'll eat and get our nails done and get all prettied up. And we'll go skating," Jamya said.

And having that mother-daughter bond is a high priority.  She's already thinking about all the fun they could have together! 

 "When it's Mother's Day or for her birthday make her something to eat while she's still asleep but not burn up the kitchen! No!," Jamya said.

Jamya wants a forever family that will offer her the commitment of a lifetime, overflowing with love and understanding.

"For them to love me and care for me," Jamya said.

A family that will show Jamya the Gift of Love.

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