Catherine Grove releases video statement on returning to Church of Wells

Catherine Grove releases video statement on returning to Church of Wells

WELLS, TX (KTRE) - After returning to the Church of Wells, Catherine Grove released YouTube video on the matter of her departure and return Thursday afternoon.

According to a text message from a church elder, Grove wants this video to suffice for any interview.

"It is certainly a very significant and shocking turn of events," elder Jake Gardner stated. "May God open your eyes to behold the truth of what is really going on in this controversy. We are amazed at the atrocious behavior of the Groves towards their daughter, and pray they would be held accountable by those with a hand in this matter (as we have sought to do), to the end that their lives and behavior would agree with their confession of Christ."

It was announced Wednesday that Grove had returned to Wells after leaving Texas on April 3 to return to Arkansas with her family.

Grove made headlines when she joined the Church of Wells in 2013 and broke off communications with her family.

Grove starts off in the video by saying, "The situation between my parents and I has caused a lot of pressure."

Grove also stated that she wanted to go back to Wells.

Grove also told a story of a car ride with her parents while she was in Arkansas. Grove said she thought she was going to Little Rock to visit family but soon saw a hospital.

"On April 7, I was still in the psych ward and the doctor came in and said after testing me all this time very carefully I had no mental illness so they cannot keep me in the hospital," Grove said.

Grove said after this, church members came and picked her up from the hospital.

"Here I am," Grove said. "Going to be married. Not sure the date. Even though my parents can be so difficult. It is my desire to preach to them."

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