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Gift of Love: Nathan

Nathan is looking for the Gift of Love Nathan is looking for the Gift of Love
(KLTV) - It was an afternoon of discovery for nathan and me at the Brookshire's wildlife museum.  The monkeys were one of his favorites! 

Nathan is an extraordinary child who brings tremendous blessings to all around him.  This 10 year old wiz kid will wow you with his mathematics skills.  He not only likes math, but loves to read and write as well. 

"Nathan is very outgoing. Nathan is very loving," Nathan's foster mom Stacey Duff said.

Besides his academic gifts he is especially fond of being outdoors and jumping on the trampoline.

"Nathan is big with his Legos and lincoln logs. He loves the sand, being outside," Duff said.

Nathan likes to be on the go, actively experiencing life and all it has to offer.   He always looks forward to big family gatherings, going shopping, and visiting others. 

"He loves camping. I can not express how much Nathan enjoys camping and being on the boat," Duff said.

Nathan enjoys going to church on sundays and wednesdays as a family.  Nathan is diagnosed with autism, but continues to overcome the many obstacles he faces.  With consistent therapy through school and other community resources, nathan is making significant progress with his communication skills and other areas of development.  His forever family will need a keen understanding of autism and how this applies specifically to Nathan.  His family will need to provide Nathan that calm assurance of safety and trust he needs to thrive. 

"Nathan needs to be first and foremost in my opinion with a family knows that they are going to have Nathan forever. And while Nathan has progressed hugely with his education and behaviors, Nathan will never ever be able to live on his own," Duff said.

His family will need to "be in his corner," always cheering him on and providing him that calm assurance of safety and trust he needs to thrive.  Nathan's family needs to be able to give Nathan a lifetime of stability and hope and most importantly the Gift of Love.

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