Corrigan restaurant takes hit after total Blue Bell recall

Corrigan restaurant takes hit after total Blue Bell recall

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Homes, grocery stores, and restaurants like Corrigan's TX Burger are tossing all Blue Bell products after Monday's total voluntary recall.

“We got an email from our home office that all our Blue Bell was recalled and they asked us to immediately pull it, so we have taken all the Blue Bell out,” said Jeannie Emerson of TX Burger. “Blue Bell will be coming by to pick up with product that we have left and we made sure that everything was cleared for the safety of the customers. We wanted to make sure that we participated in the recall program.”

While the fast food joint sells mostly burgers, Jeannie Emerson explains that Blue Bell ice cream is an all-day hit.

“A lot of our customers just come in for ice cream,” said Emerson. “They'll stop late at night just to get a cone of ice cream, so yes, it's going to affect some of our customers.”

We spoke with physician's assistant Peter Gergen of Angelina City County Health District to find out what we are all so afraid of.

“Listeria is a common bacteria in the environment that sometimes infects or contaminates our food sources,” said Gergen.

Too much of this common bacteria is what causes trouble.

“Normally with a listeria infection, people are going to have fever, body aches, chills and a gastroenteritis type syndrome with vomiting and maybe some diarrhea,” said Gergen. “Usually its self-limiting.”

For those of us who heard of the recall news after diving into classic dessert, Gergen says you won't be at risk for long.

“The incubation period, technically is from one day to three weeks, but typically its more about three to six days that people will see signs of listeria,” said Gergen.

A little wait, being a small price to pay for big health assurance.

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