Lufkin soccer player’s season-long “lucky beard” gets shaved

Lufkin soccer player’s season-long “lucky beard” gets shaved

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The Lufkin Panther soccer team had a photoshoot Tuesday of their state championship team, where the pictures will later be made into billboards. With all the cameras though, that didn't seem to be the highlight of the day

Jake Williams' beard has been a highlight of its own all season, but the team decided it was time for it to go. One by one, each teammate took their turn chopping away at Williams' impressive facial locks.

The senior defender said the beard ended up being quite a good luck charm this season, as the team ended on a 26 game-winning streak, with a district, regional, and state title to prove it.

"It started out as 'No Shave November' and then it got to December and I thought let's do something crazy this year. Let's grow a beard for season so I just left it since. It's been five months," said Williams. "It started out kind as a joke like 'Oh I'm going to look intense or intimidating,' and then it actually kind of worked. I guess it did because I had my best season."

Beard or no beard, Williams will be a state champion and nothing will ever change that.

"I feel like I'm going to be like Samson with my hair all cut off and now I'm not going to be strong or anything anymore. It's weird. It will be something to get used to," said Williams

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