Stubblefield Finds New Home

Stubblefield Learning Center in Lufkin will now have a new place to call home. Thanks to a grant from the TLL Temple foundation.

The $660,000 grant will allow Angelina College to buy the old Carroway-Claybar Funeral Home on FM 819, which will become the new home for the learning center.

It will be closer to Angelina College which is good news since almost 58% of Stubblefield's graduates attend AC. Some say it is a much needed move.

Sallye Darmstadter, director of the Stubblefield Learning Center, said, "It is a much needed move, the extra space will allow us to add additional programs."

They will now be able to have an ESL program, and a dual-enrollment for Angelina College.

The center is hoping to make the move before the start of summer school, but they still need donations from the community.