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Learn How to Protect Yourself

by Jessica Cervantez

Crimes like rape bring home the importance of personal safety. And a program in East Texas is teaching women how to defend and protect themselves. The program is called WASP or Women After Self Protection.

Terry Free, a self defense expert, said, "If you are put in a situation all we want to do is be able to execute enough to get out of that situation and get into a place of safety.

His message is simple, "fight smarter, not harder."

The eight women who participated in the class are learning it doesn't take much, to do damage. It only takes 35 pounds of force to break someone's collar bone. They were even participating in breaking boards with their bare arms.

Free said, "The outcome of the situation is decided in the first few seconds of the confrontation. You make a decision and you have to make a decision quick."

The women are taught simple techniques, and given the confidence to use them. Whether it is a hard hit to the body, the eyes, or the nose, any of the techniques can often buy you enough time to get away.

Bettie Weathered, who is taking the course, said, "If you're life depended on it could you do it, you'd be surprised what you can learn."

Learning the defense techniques does take practice, but they could one day be the difference between life and death.

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