Restaurant Report:

Mexico Lindo at 300 N. Temple, Diboll: 10 demerits for food handler certification not up to date, women's restroom ceiling needed to be repaired/repainted, light bulbs over prep area needed to be replaced, broken light globe needed to be replaced, bare wood under ice machine needed to be repaired, food in dry storage not kept covered, vent hoods above stove needed to be repaired, seal needed around AC unit, leaks under prep sink and hand sink needed to be repaired, and bulk food items not labeled in English.

T' Boys at 604 N. US Highway 69, Huntington: 7 demerits for hand sink didn't have hot and cold water and back room needed to be insect/rodent-proof.

The Lyon's Den Mobile & Commissary at 812 E. Lufkin Ave.: 4 demerits for bare wood under sink needed to be repainted, drain pipes under three-compartment sink needed to be adjusted, self-closing device on door needed to be adjusted, and hot water not available at all times.