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Lufkin Licensed Professional Counselor offers advice to grieving Grey's Anatomy fans

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) -  Grey's Anatomy Nation is in mourning after the shocking death of main character Dr. Derek Shepherd, including fans right here in East Texas.

"I'm devastated," said Lufkin Grey's Anatomy fan Diana Humphries.

"I was shocked. I didn't expect it. I wanted to cry," said Rosie Obregon, a Lufkin Grey's Anatomy fan

Why are fans so upset over the death of someone that doesn't really exist?

"We see them go through trials and tribulations and then joyous occasions," said Lufkin LPC Dr. Debra Burton. "We celebrate with their celebrations and grieve with their tragedies. We invest in those people and they become a part of our lives."

It's clear that these characters are very near and dear to their fans.

"I mean I absolutely love the Meredith and Derek combination because  everybody wants that love story," Humphries said.

"When a main character dies that people have been identifying with and is part of the happy story, it can trigger a grief reaction," said Burton.

So what can fans do to console their grief?

 "What I recommend with the grief response is to get your feelings out," Burton said. "We're seeing people talking about it, people airing it out. That's going to help."

According to social media, people are definitely letting their feelings be known.

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