Storm causes widespread power outage in Jasper Co.

Storm causes widespread power outage in Jasper Co.
Source: DETCOG
Source: DETCOG

JASPER, TX (KTRE) - The fallout from the overnight storms stretched all the way to Jasper County. As of Monday night, that area was still dealing with a widespread power outage.

"It knocked out the electricity. I believe the main power source from Louisiana," said Lawson Dry, a Jasper Police officer.

Jasper police were posted at every intersection to avoid crashes.

"We had about 19,000 meters without power," said Joey Davis, the director of member relations.

"There's no way to cook, no microwave, no oven," said Ralph Vaulmer, a Jasper County resident.

Employees at a Kirbyville store said they had been busy with people coming from surrounding areas. Kirbyville is just 20 miles south of Jasper. It was one of the only towns with power.

Davis said the issue at hand is the transmission lines feeding both the southern and northern systems were without power.

The question every customer had was when they could expect to have lights.

"It's always everyone's concern, and we understand that," Davis said.

One gas station owner stayed opened without lights and made transactions on pen and pad. He said people were hungry and should at least be able to buy a bag of chips.

Vaulmer said the outage is frustrating, but at least today was a little windy.

" I'm glad it's not hot because it could be really hot, and we'd all be miserable!" Vaulmer said.

"We're working diligently and as safely as possible for our members and employees to have the power on as soon as possible," Davis said.

According to DETCOG official Bob Bashaw, as of Monday at 6 p.m., all of the affected customers around Jasper County have had their power restored.

Davis said anyone who'd like to see more updates as the restoration continues  may visit their website.

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