East Texas flooding causing widespread damage to businesses

East Texas flooding causing widespread damage to businesses

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The storm system that blew through East Texas early Monday morning caused widespread flooding damage to area businesses and churches.

“I was up at four o'clock this morning, and I probably had 75 calls in about three hours,” said Owner of Dennis Dunton Restoration. “Of course, we've just been going from building to building and checking them out, giving them estimates, and taking care of the ones that we can help.”

“Unfortunately, what most people don't realize is that if water runs in from the outside from rain, it's not insured,” said Dunton. “That creates a major problem sometimes.”

Even Dunton's own restoration building found itself under three inches of water.

“I'm along with everyone else this morning,” Dunton said. “I'm just trying to take care of everyone els,e and then I'm going to fall back and try and dry out my own building as well.”

Dunton went on to explain how water typically enters into homes and other buildings.

“The water, it runs into the floor plate at the bottom of the buildings, runs under the floor plate, and right through the house,” Dunton said.

Long Chapel Church in Lufkin is one building that suffered some of the most severe damage.

“When I got here there was about 12 inches of water in the church,” said the church's financial secretary Brenda Tankersley.

The church says the water damage is from the creek behind their property.

“It has reached to our third step, entering into our sanctuary,” said Tankersley. “Our sanctuary's entry from the fellowship hall is now flooded.”

Tankersley proved it was going to be a wet clean-up for the church.

“You can just wade through the fellowship hall, and there's probably three inches standing in here right now," Tankersley said. “Just wade through, you can take a little mini swim.”

It was a swim many East Texans were hoping to avoid inside their homes.

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