Central Elementary has 16 pairs of twins in student population

Central Elementary has 16 pairs of twins in student population

POLLOK, TX (KTRE) - Central Elementary has an astounding sixteen pairs of twins in their student body.

"We have never had this many twins," said Anita Byrd, Central Elementary's assistant principal. "We've always had twins, but 16 is quite a lot. That's really unheard of."

According to the CDC, the twin birth rate in the U.S. has rapidly increased. Between 2005 and 2010, the years most of the students were born, 3.3 percent of all babies born were twins.

The twins at Central Elementary account for 5 percent of their student population.

"What contributes to that I'm not sure, but it does seem that twins are increasing," Byrd said.

But when it comes to Central Elementary, they believe the more the merrier and enjoy all of the double trouble.

"It's so fun to watch their personalities and how they interact," Byrd said. "It's a really unique experience to have 16 of them."

Some of these students enjoy having their twin at school with them.

"It's really fun! You get to play outside with her, and sometimes you get to go and talk to her and you get to share snacks," Central twin sisters, Ryann and Rylee Brooks said in unison.

However, others don't always get along.

"Since I'm a girl, I like girl stuff, and since he's a boy, he likes boy stuff," said Central student Brinley Blake about her twin brother, Brayden.

Yet, they all agree on one thing, being a twin is very special.

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