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Gift of Love: Chris

Chris is looking for the Gift of Love Chris is looking for the Gift of Love
(KLTV) - It was an afternoon of bouncing around at iJump for Chris and me.  This third grader enjoys math and sports, especially basketball but that's not all.

"Football, dodge ball, soccer, air hockey and skating on ice," Chris said.

As for Chris' future, this 9 year old says he wants to have a creative job.

"An artist," Chris said.

Chris is also thinking about becoming a policeman when he grows up.  Chris describes himself as someone who can be silly and likes hugs.  He loves to laugh with others over funny jokes and just ordinary things that cause the giggles.

As for his favorite foods, one might surprise you! 

"Baby back ribs, pizza, spinach and nachos," Chris said.

And for dessert chocolate ice cream is his favorite.

Inside or out, Christ is one who enjoys playing with others. some of christopher's favorite things include Ironman, yugio cards and water parks. 

"Watch T.V., play video games and play with my toys," Chris said.

Chris' family will need to be an active family who does things together like taking trips, playing sports, and going fishing.  Chris' forever family will be just that; a family that will be his forever, a family that can show Chris the gift of love. 

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