Woman Arrested After Car Chase

When Diboll police clocked a car going more than 20 miles over the speed limit, of course, they went after it.  Forty-nine year-old Ervin Pinson kept going and going and going.

The chase started on 59 North in the middle of Diboll.  Pinson sped around the loop in Lufkin and ended up just south of Nacogdoches until she had no choice but to stop.

The Nacogdoches County Sheriff's Office chose "to deploy spikes, which is allowing the tire to be punctured so that it's not like a blowout to the vehicle; and then hopefully, the occupant of that vehicle can't drive at a high rate of speed and eventually will give up and pull over, which was the case in this chase."

Twelve hours after the chase, police finally found a place for Pinson.  The V.A. hospital in Houston is the only place that will take her.

Diboll police chief Kent Havard says, "Just during the initial interview of the suspect it was determined that we were dealing with a mental health patient at that time, which explained her actions at that point.  Probably under normal circumstances, she wouldn't have done this.  This lady has a perfectly clean driving record, perfectly clean criminal history, never been in any trouble before; and that's what we look at."

Police say Pinson had driven all the way from Houston before the chase.  They arrested her, but instead of locking her up, they took her to a Lufkin hospital for a mental evaluation.  In the end, a grand jury will decide what price she'll pay.

Police didn't charge Pinson with evading arrest because of her mental history. Instead, they called her husband and family members from Center to take her back to Houston.