School Budget Threatened Because Of Flu

A lot of kids at Timpson ISD are leaving school, because of sickness.

Timpson ISD Superintendent Dr. Leland R. Moore said, "37, that was at 10 o'clock this morning out. At one o'clock today there was 60 out at the high school."

That's just the high school, it got worse at the elementary school, where Shidedra's kids are. We found her at the pharmacy picking up medicine for two of her three children, the only two in school right now.

Shidedra Thomas said, "they called from the school and said they were running a temp. My daughter had it yesterday my son had it today, and I had to take them to the doctor."

She's not alone, many are coming into Bussey Drugs to pick up medicine for their children.

Kerry Beard, owner and Pharmacist at Bussey Drugs in Timpson said, "it kinda hit all at one time, and it's kinda snowball since then."

The students are not the only ones suffering. The Texas Education Agency pays about $30 per student attending a school day. With the loss in student population, the district is losing around $3,000. If attendance falls 10% below what it was at the same time last year, the TEA will eat the loss, otherwise it's the district's problem.

Moore said, "when you only consider money, if your going to be sick, you wanna be real sick as opposed to the same numbers for last year."

That way the district won't lose any money. But if students continue to be absent because of illness, and not fall 10% below attendance records from last year, this bout with the flu, could be an expensive one.

If the absentee rate falls to 9%, the superintendent is planning to close the school for a few days to save the loss in revenue. If it stays above 10%, the school will be able to stay open because the TEA will pay for the loss.