East Texans weigh in on Adderall use during college finals

East Texans weigh in on Adderall use during college finals

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - End of semester finals usually means intense pressure for many students...

"They may panic at the last minute," SFA Accountancy Lecturer Marie Kelly. "They may have four or five exams within a three day time span."

Kelly explains she sees, first hand, the lengths will students go, to prevent failing their classes.

"They will panic and when they get to the exam they'll cheat or they'll look over at someone else's paper," Kelly said. "Students who are perfectly good students who have the ability to pass but the pressure of having so many final exams all together, will make them do something that they ordinarily would not do."

Outside of cheating, students are turning to an attention miracle pill, Adderall.

"For me, it's easily accessible because I am prescribed to it," said a prescribed SFA student. "As far as the next person, who is trying to get it for a test, it's even more accessible because people love making profit of it."

"A lot of students, more than you would think, have it, whether it's prescribed or not," said an SFA student with a prescription.

"I mean basically one pill, for me, is about eight or nine or ten hours of solid work and retaining information," said another student without a prescription.

"30 percent of college students have tried Adderall," said Licensed Professional Counselor. "We need to understand that Adderall is a schedule two drug, meaning that it is a high risk for addiction and abuse."

While students can stay up for long hours, each non-prescribed experience could be dangerous.

"It increases nervousness, restlessness, sleep difficulties, and even more so, you can have psychological changes, personality changes, more irritable, and in extreme cases you can develop psychosis," said Burton.

Even if procrastination has gotten the best of you, SFA's Marie Kelly has a tip without side effects.

"My biggest advice would be get some rest," said Kelly.

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