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Houston County farmers face difficulties growing cotton this year

Over the past 42 years, Houston County farmer Roy Dyches has grown cotton.
 “I've always enjoyed growing cotton, it's a beautiful crop," said Dyches.
However, this year, for the first time ever, he will not be growing cotton.
“It's been too wet to get in the fields, from January the first to now, it's still too wet," Dyches said.
Dyches has seen bad weather before, but in all of his years, he's never seen such a wet spring. Especially one that's actually prevented him from being able to plant a crop.
“It's never kept me from getting crops planted, I've gotten crops planted and gotten rained out on them before," Dyches said.  "That's one thing we can't control is the weather.”
Rain isn't the only thing preventing Dyches from planting cotton this year. He says the plant is too cheap to turn a profit.
“The input cost is way more than it was," said Dyches.  "I'll say this  I've sold cotton in the 1970s for more than we got this past year.”
Although he has other crops that his farm can rely on, he will definitely miss growing cotton this year.
“It makes me feel pretty bad because we made a real good crop last year. 2014 was a real good year, we had some two bail plus cotton," Dyches said.
He hopes next year's weather and cotton prices will be more cooperative.
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