Restaurant Report - Lufkin - 02/03/05

China King Buffet on South First Street got 10 demerits for storing uncovered food in the cooler and freezer.  Food was also being kept on the floor and rice was not being stored in a food container.

The Kettle on South First Street also got 10 demerits.  The floor was dirty and so were the ceiling vents.  Also, the ice scoop was being stored on top of the ice machine.

Dairy Queen on Atkinson got nine demerits.  The reason: all new employees need food handler's certificates.  The health inspector also found a dirty microwave and dirty vents.

Quizno's on South Medford got four demerits for not having hot water in the restroom.

A perfect score of "zero" demerits went to Domino's pizza, Wing Stop, Ray's Drive-In and Casa Morales Restaurant and Bar in Lufkin.