Corrigan PD: Man stole flashlight, possibly money from dead body

Corrigan PD: Man stole flashlight, possibly money from dead body

Officers with the Corrigan Police Department arrested a 20-year-old man in connection to allegations that he stole a flashlight and what appeared to be money from the body of a man who was struck and killed by an 18-wheeler Monday.

Don Botley Jr., of Corrigan, is still being held in the Polk County Jail on a felony theft charge. According to Texas Penal Code, a theft charge is automatically upgraded to a state-jail felony if the property is taken from "a human corpse or grave."

No information was available on Botley's bail amount.

At the scene of the fatal vehicle-pedestrian accident, a witness told Corrigan Police officers that Botley had run up to the body and stolen a flashlight and what appeared to be money, said Harold Rapsilver with the Corrigan Police Department.

"He said, 'I did not steal the money, just the flashlight,'" Rapsilver said.

Rapsilver said that Botley also told officers that he was someone else.

Even though the Corrigan Police Department is still investigating the allegation that Botley stole money from the man's body, Rapsilver said the flashlight theft alone is a felony.

The man was hit by an 18-wheeler that had been turning east on to Highway 287, near the town's Brookshire Brothers.

According to Darrell Gibson, the Corrigan Police chief, the man ran across the intersection while the truck had a green light. His identity has still not been released.

The driver is not facing charges.

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