Lufkin native wants the Cowboys star

She began blazing a trail in 2011, when Khalyn Cole became the first black captain of the Panther Pride dance team in Lufkin. It continues today as she's a finalist to go to Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Training Camp. And you can help her. Erika Bazaldua has that story at 5.

Following the sting operation over the weekend that led to the arrest of a man accused of trying to use the Internet to set up a sexual encounter with an underage girl, Captain Alton Lenderman sees the need for more of a crackdown on cyber crimes. Caleb Beames explains at 6.

It's certainly been a rainy spring, which has helped the growth of wildflowers. At 6, Caroline Manning explains how these flowers bring more than just beauty to East Texas.

Jeff Awtrey
Assignments editor