Restaurant - 05-07-15

Olive Garden at 3801 S. Medford: 15 demerits for cold hold at wrong temperature, food handler certification not up to date, food manager not on site, ceiling vents needed to be cleaned, dishwashing sanitizer at wrong level, drain pipe for hand wash sink in bar area needed to be re-adjusted, leak at hand sink at sever station needed to be repaired, and thermometer needed for ice cream cooler.

Marco's Pizza at 2950 S. John Redditt #110: 4 demerits for lids needed for personal drinks in food prep area and hot water needed for women's restroom.

Popeye's 1106 S. Timberland Drive: 3 demerits for drain in walk-in cooler needed to be connected, food handler certification not up to date, and sprayer not spraying hot water soon enough.

IHOP at 4400 S. Medford: 0 demerits.