Leadership Nacogdoches team cuts ribbon for renovated CPS family visitation rooms

Leadership Nacogdoches team cuts ribbon for renovated CPS family visitation rooms

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Leadership Nacogdoches took on a very special project this year.  Thursday afternoon, they cut the ribbon for the Child Protective Services Family Visitation and Observation Rooms.  The team renovated the rooms adding a more welcoming touch.

The Nacogdoches community celebrated the completion of the extreme makeover.

"We had everything here, and were able to get it all done in a short period of time," said Claire Robbins, a Leadership Nacogdoches member.

A short amount of time made a huge difference. The Leadership Nacogdoches team pulled out the paint brushes and pulled up the carpet.

"She said that their rooms really could use some sprucing up," said Robbins. "After looking at the photos, we knew something needed to be done to make these rooms more welcoming."

The visitation and observation rooms now have custom painted bookshelves, new floors, wall paintings, toys, and even an X-box.  Foster Care Supervisor, Shelia Crocker, said the new environment can all help smooth the visit for children and parents who find themselves in difficult situations.

"It's under scary and stressful circumstances," Crocker said.

The part of the room Crocker likes the most is the table for families to have a family meal during visitation. She says people in the community and business made donations to help bring this idea to life.

"In a state agency, there are no funds," Crocker said.

Crocker says the families who have used the room so far have shared their feelings of joy.

"It's like a prayer has been answered," Crocker said.

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