Nacogdoches church member given van then gives away to fellow member

Nacogdoches church member given van then gives away to fellow member

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Pastor Jeremiah Moss called last Sunday's service at Life Church in Nacogdoches as a time that had a spirit of generosity.

"We took up an offering for a very special lady that was trying to go on a trip to South America with the church," Moss said. "Then we had a member, Ray Morris, come up and tell me, 'God is telling me to give away my car.' He asked is that alright and I said yes, 'If that's what God is telling you.'"

Morris said he wanted to give the Dodge van he owned to a very special member.

"Somebody was interested in buying our vehicle, and I was like 'No, I got somebody better in mind for it,'" Morris said. "We were blessed, and I wanted to share a blessing, too.

Morris wanted to give the van to Larry Chancey. Chancey has been living at Godtel for the last year and a half.

"I met Larry on January 1 this year," Moss said. "We went to Godtel for a service, and he just stuck out. I knew then that God was going to do something special through Larry."

Moss said when Chancey made his way up he could tell he was nervous.

"You should have seen Larry's face," Moss said. "He was like, 'what did I do'?"

Chancey was thrilled to get the gift of the van from Morris, but knew he could not accept it.

"Someone already gave me a truck a little bit ago," Chancey said. "I'm going to give the car to a young lady in church that needs it. She has three kids and the blessing will go on."

The decision to pass on the gift was not a surprise to those at the church.

"It doesn't matter if it's a small thing or a large thing, he just turns and gives," Paula Morris said.

"He gave the cash that was in his pocket to be a blessing," Moss said. "Instantly God blessed him and Larry's already thinking, 'How can I be a blessing to somebody else?'"

Chancey said he hopes others will learn from the compassion he has shown.

"I can't be greedy," Chancey said. "That's selfish. Don't be selfish. Give the blessing to somebody that needs it."

Moss said he thinks the world would be better with more people like Larry.

"I prayed that day that we could have 12 more Larrys in our church by the end of the month," Moss said.

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