Walker County man leads Trinity Police on high speed chase Friday night

Walker County man leads Trinity Police on high speed chase Friday night

TRINITY COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A Walker County man was arrested Friday night after leading Trinity police officers on a high speed chase on Highways 94 and 287.

Bryan Eugene Larson, 40, was first noticed by Trinity PD speeding down Highway 94 in a white Chevy pickup truck. Officer Randy Wheeler noticed he was driving at a speed of over 100 MPH to keep up with Larson and called dispatch to inform them of the chase.

According to Trinity PD, Larson turned onto Highway 287 and then U-turned to get back on to Highway 94, where he drove back and forth between Trinity and Groveton, deliberately trying to evade officers.

Trinity PD was joined by the Trinity Sheriff's Office, the Groveton Police Department, and the Trinity Fire Department in their effort to detain Larson.

Police believe that Larson was highly intoxicated.

According to Trinity PD, they stopped Larson twice, but he refused to cooperate and would drive off. During one of the attempts, he rammed an officer's vehicle to escape.

Officers stopped Larson a third time by firing at his tires and were able to box him into a ditch. According to Trinity PD, Larson appeared willing to comply, but soon after, he fled again.

“He had his hands up looking like he was willing to comply, but he really wasn't,” said Trinity Police Chief Steve Jones. “He still had his shift in gear and was very resistant. They tried to break his window in order to restrain him, but he drove off again.”

Officers were finally able to block him off in front of Trinity High School. Continuing to resist, officers had to use physical force to get Larson out of the vehicle and under arrest.

“In this situation, it's a clear example that sometimes law enforcement has to use violence to protect the rest of the community,” Jones said. “We were not going to allow him into the city and hurt somebody or kill someone or their family.”

Jones said he was able to get 10 cars off of Highway 94 to keep them from getting hit by Larson.

Trinity PD was able to record the high speed pursuit on dash and body cameras. They hope this will show the community their perspective when dealing with a dangerous situation.

“The body camera is going to show you what we see,” said Jones. “I think the world is going to learn that this is the true violence that law enforcement goes through sometimes. We have to do what we have to do to protect the community. What would you do in that position?”

Larson has been charged with a state jail felony of avoiding arrest. He posted a bond of $8500 Saturday morning and was released from jail.

Trinity PD are awaiting the results of a toxicology test to see if Larson was intoxicated. They plan filing further charges of a DWI and assaulting an officer.

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