Authorities Investigate Family Abduction

The Angelina County Sheriff's Office is still looking for a couple that kidnapped their own child.  Four year old Jane Davis turned up missing back on November 9th.  Authorities believe her mother and father are to blame.

Melissa McCaa and Ryan Davis could still be in Lufkin or they may have traveled out of state.  Warrants have been issued for their arrest.

Lufkin police lieutenant Greg Denman says, "There is a little bit more confidence that the child is most likely not going to be harmed, as most family related child abductions are just merely a matter of possession."

Authorities take all child abductors seriously, no matter who's involved.  Keeping kids safe is everyone's top priority.

Social worker Theresa Martinez says, "We try to assess families really well [and] we try to look at the things that are going on within a family.  We try to maintain a lot of contact with the family to be sure that they understand what the parameters are and what the boundaries and the rules are."

Despite recent cases of family abduction, social workers say it's not easy to kidnap a child that's in the foster care system.

"I think we take a lot of precautions when we're first beginning to work with a family," Martinez says.  "They typically don't know a foster parent's last name. They might not even know the county where the foster parent resides."

It is a little more difficult to protect children from their parents if another family member has custody.  Especially since relatives sometimes don't cooperate with police or social workers once a child has been taken away.

If you know where Jane Davis is, call the Angelina County Sheriff's Office or your local police department.