East Texas showers create more breeding sites for mosquitoes

East Texas showers create more breeding sites for mosquitoes

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - East Texas's consistent rainfall fall has its pros and cons for agricultural business, but the showers will also bring a lot of uninvited guests. The showers have seldom let up in East Texas this spring.

"As much rain as we've had, it's starting a little early this year," said Mike Akridge, the City of Lufkin's Parks and Recreation director.

Experts say this time around, the mosquitoes are making an early appearance and flying out way before the summer's heat. With this season's consistent rainfall, most East Texans can find standing water right in their backyards.

"All that standing water makes perfect breeding sites for our mosquitoes," said Cary Sims, the Angelina County agriculture extension agent.

Lufkin Parks and Recreation and the Agriculture Extension Service officials said there are steps you can take to stop the pests from bugging you. Sims calls them the four Ds.

"Drain any standing water around the house," Sims said.

That includes throwing away old buckets, tires, and cans that collect rain water.

"Dress appropriately by wearing long sleeves to protect your skin," Sims said.

He said to stay inside at certain times of the day.

"Dawn and dusk where the mosquitoes are most active," Sims said.

Look for a special ingredient when picking up repellent for outdoor activity.

"DEET is the best repellent we have. There's many on the market, but DEET is the best repellent we have to keep mosquitoes at bay," Sims said.

And finally, if mosquitoes are extremely high in number, check with your local Parks and Recreation Department.

The Lufkin location sprays every Thursday. Akridge said a simple call and appointment will get them out to spray your area. He said he expects a hectic season.

"People think it's early, but the mosquitoes are out," Akridge said.

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