Restaurant Report - Nacogdoches - 5/14/15

Baymont Seafood, 3227 South St.: 16 demerits for proper food storage needed in freezer, keep foods covered, keep handwash sink access unimpeded, re-label one spray bottle, provide thermometer for all cooks and visible thermometers for coolers, equipment needs to be cleaned and sanitized before leaving at night, floors should be swept before leaving at night, keep vents clean, need shield guards for all lights.

La Carretta, 3000 North St.: 11 demerits for discarded one milk, need use-by dates on chicken and ground beef, cannot block path to handwash sink, repair any floor areas that are not smooth and easily cleanable, keep vents clean.

Panda Cafe, 1224 North St.: 10 demerits for bags of rice needs to be stored properly, handwash sink access path needs to be unimpeded, soap and towels needed at all handwash sinks.

Appleby Sand Road Depot, 3023 Appleby Sand Rd.: 10 demerits for discarded several pre-packaged foods, keep cap on cleaner, keep ice scoop in clean container.

Butcher Boys, 603 North St.: Seven demerits for need backflow preventer for outside hose, keep ice scoop in clean container, discard one knife, keep dumpster lids closed.

Depot Chevron, 428 West Main St.: Six demerits for access path to handwash sink must be unimpeded, keep ice scoops in clean containers, keep dumpster lids closed, replace missing ceiling tile.

Chick-Fil-A, 2804 North St.: Three demerits for keep handwash sink path unimpeded, keep dumpster lids closed, clean up outside spillage near dumpster.

Clear Springs Restaurant, 211 Old Tyler Rd.: Replaced three spatulas and one knife, must be smooth and easily cleanable, re-clean and re-sanitize one knife.

Taco Bueno, 1821 North St.: Three demerits for re-clean and re-sanitize one knife, replace on spatula, keep ice scoop in clean container.

Kroger Bakery and Deli Department, 3205 University Drive: No demerits.

McDonald's, 1717 North St.: No demerits.

Heart of Texas, 110 South Pecan: No demerits.

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