Trash In The Forest - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

02/05/05 - Angelina County

Trash In The Forest

David Betz of the Texas Forest Service said, "it's not always as bad as this, but there are lots of places unfortunately around the Angelina National Forest that there are appliances and other things dumped like this."

At the site we visited, volunteers picking up trash for the Great Forest Trash-Off found an oven, dishwasher, chairs, and yes, even the kitchen sink.

Gay Ippolito of the Texas Forest Service said, "there's an assortment of trash in the forest. Anything from trash that's been thrown out from the window of a car to someone whose dumping household goods down the end of a road."

It happens more often than you think. Saturday's volunteers picked up over 170 bags of trash, more than 50 bags of recycleables, and several household appliances. Organizers of the trash off say items like these not only present problems for those just looking at the forest for it's beauty, but it presents health problems as well.

Krista Cloonan of Angelina Beautiful Clean said, "the things that are dumped collects rainwater that breeds mosquitos and things like that so it's not just looks any more, it's health."

There were over 200 volunteers from various groups at the trash off. Officials say if you see anyone doing any form of illegal dumping, contact the U.S. Forest Service immediatly.

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