Super Bowl Brings People Together From All Walks Of Life - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

02/06/05 - East Texas

Super Bowl Brings People Together From All Walks Of Life

by Chris Cato

You can find people watching the Super Bowl almost anywhere, from the sports bars, to the jail bars, and even at church.

Sports bars are always popular, showing the big game on the big screen over a basket of wings. Ricky Miller, a manager at Bullfrogs in Nacogdoches said, "It's one of the biggest days of the year for us. We have several fraternities, sororities here today. We also have some locals come in here. It's one of the biggest parties of the year."

And with these big parties of the year come the big bucks. Sports bars often have a huge crowd on Super Bowl Sunday. The dollars spent on the drinks usually more than make up for the discounted food at most places.

From ordering at the bar to, behind the bars, many inmates at local jails can also be found watching the big game. They only have one TV per dorm, so majority has to rule on what they watch. On Sunday, it was the game.

And serenity wasn't the message from the pulpit Sunday night at the First Assembly of God Church in Lufkin. People there got a chance to watch the game on a giant monitor and partake in the festivities at the church, which included their own halftime show.

Pastor Andy Salagaj said, "We have a worship dance team called Worship In Motion that will be performing. A band is going to play, so it's going to be a lot of fun."

Geoffrey Goodson was watching the game from Bullfrogs. He said, "We love the game, so we all just come together. You know everyone has their team their rooting, for so it's kinda a little rivalry, a little fun we have together."

Bringing together church-goers, inmates, and a few friends at a local bar, the Super Bowl seems to be the midpoint where everyone can all meet and have fun.

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