Less With Lisa: Lufkin Extreme Couponer explains how to get started

Less With Lisa: Lufkin Extreme Couponer explains how to get started
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - You've probably heard of the benefits of creating a stock pile and the savings Extreme Couponing can bring, but where do you start? This week, we're taking an exclusive look into couponing, and we learned it's a little more tedious than you might have thought. There is a list of supplies you must have to keep up.

Starting supplies are simple, a stapler and scissors, but pros like Lisa Weiss, an extreme couponer, say a paper cutter saves you hours if you can purchase one.

"I wouldn't recommend for someone who's just starting," Weiss said.

Then there's a file box and dividers.

"You're going to need dividers to organize your different categories," Lisa said. 

Now that we know how to organize our coupons, it's time to get some. Lisa says your best source for coupons is going to be the Sunday's "Houston Chronicle."

"An insert is a coupon book that comes out in a Sunday paper," Lisa said. 

"This is not just a piece of paper; this is your money," said Andra Ivy, a new couponer.

Lisa says you need at least two inserts for every family member, so you might buy a few papers depending on the size of your family. Mobile and Internet coupons are available as well, but there could be 70 pages of coupons, so keep it all together. They all go in a mass binder of coupon bucks.

"The binder is a necessity. To save as much as I save, you have to have the binder," Lisa said. 

"This binder is a large D-ring binder, which means the brackets are shaped like a "D" It's easier to flip your pages," Ivy said. 

Can you skip the binder?

"You can, I've seen people with large boxes, flipping through trying to find coupons in the stores," Ivy said. 

Lisa tells us how to get the coupons in the binder quickly.

"You're not going to cut these individually.What you're going to do is stack the inserts. Take the top page from each one. Then you're going to line up your coupons, staple away from the bar-code on each side, stack it up, and go to the next page. You're going to repeat this until you get through all the inserts," Lisa said. 

"It's always good to have all your coupons facing the same direction," Ivy said. 

Once your binder is in shape, it's time to hit the stores.

"Everybody knows you're in there, and you're couponing," Ivy said.

You can expect some looks if you have the binder with you.

"You can use this and pay way way less for things you want to have and spend it on things you want to have," Weiss said. 

"People can be jealous. I'm saving tons of money," Ivy said.

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