Less With Lisa: East Texas Extreme Couponer explains how to shop during sale cycles

Less With Lisa: East Texas Extreme Couponer explains how to shop during sale cycles
Source: KTRE Staff
Source: KTRE Staff

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - You would think once you've gotten your coupons all sorted out, you just hit the store and hand them over.

"The biggest mistake people make is buying stuff just because they have a coupon. You cannot do that!" said Lisa Weiss, an extreme couponer.

She said that's where so many go wrong.

"I just cringe when I look into their baskets and see how much they pay," Lisa said.

What more than cashing out with your coupons can you do? 

"You have to match the coupons with the sales," Lisa said.

Matching coupons with sales means you wait until the item goes on sale in the store. Next, pair the sale prices with the coupons.

Lisa said look for items that are in season and they will be at rock-bottom prices. She likes Sweet Baby Ray's Barbeque Sauce, so she buys all she needs in the summer when they are at their lowest. She won't need any more until next summer comes around.

"You also need to know what your family's needs are to last you six to 12 weeks. That's going to vary because every family is different," Lisa said.

The next step while using sales cycles is making sure that when you do get these huge savings, you buy enough to last you and your family until the next big saving opportunity.

"The Country Time Lemonade will last me until this sale comes back around, and they will come around. They always do," Lisa said.

Giving another example Lisa said, "The normal price for the Ball Park Franks is $4.99. They are on sale for $1.88. With this coupon, you pay $1.33," Lisa said.

Lisa said some stores like Brookshire Brothers even double their coupons. That is another chance you have to put sale cycles to use.

Extreme couponing is not all about coupons, but changing the way you look at shopping all together, Lisa said.

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