Road crews continue clean up after East Texas storms

Road crews continue clean up after East Texas storms

KENNARD, TX (KTRE) - Houston County road crews used a rare day of sunshine to clean up roads damaged by recent storms.

"We've had almost 50 inches of rain since January," said Houston County Pct. 4 Commissioner Kennon Kellum. "That's the worst that I've had since I've been in office. It's made it a real hardship on everybody."

Kellum said the most recent rain has washed seven sections of roads away and the repairs are not cheap.

"Our budget is so tight we are getting into a real tight situation," Kellum said. "I have a budget of around $500,000 for the year. That is for everything, not just road repairs. The culvert on my truck right now costs $3,000, and that's just one. I have replaced three already this week and have four to go."

A quick survey of all the commissioners showed an estimated 20 wash outs have occurred over the last few weeks.

Resident Bill Tigrett said he is concerned for his road. Driving down County Road 1160 in Kennard, drivers have to be cautious while traveling near a creek. The road has started to peel away, but it is not fully gone.

"This is our only way in and out the way the road situations is," Tigrett said. "They just don't maintain their roads. I would like it fixed."

Kellum said he can understand the frustration of Tigrett and other residents but is limited on time and money.

"Our budget is so tight," Kellum said. "We are getting into a real tight situation. It also takes time. Each repair will take several hours."

Kellum said he hopes to have all the remaining road hazards fixed by Thursday. Kellum said the issue on CR 1160 is being monitored daily and will be taken care of.

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