Nacogdoches lawn care owner and photographer say rain is hurting business

Nacogdoches lawn care owner and photographer say rain is hurting business

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - As the rain continues to flood out most of east Texas, many businesses seem to be underwater too.

"Right now, we hit the yards that we can, and if there are areas we can repair irrigation on, that's not full of water, we get that repair done," said Brett Anderson, the owner of Anderson Lawn Care.

Anderson is thankful there are other services his company is able to provide.

"Thank the Lord there's other business areas that we can go to when it's swamped like this, so we can build decks, so some kind of landscaping that doesn't just strictly deal with mowing," said Anderson. "It's just a matter of time before the rain stops, and the sun comes back out."

Nacogdoches photographer Alex Shaw says she is also feeling negative effects from the rain.

"This weather right now, it's just crazy," said Shaw.

A majority of her clients wish to take their pictures outdoors.

"A lot of people go and get their hair and makeup done, and if it's raining that's just a waste of money for them," Shaw said.

Spotty rain chances make scheduling senior pictures and bridal portraits nearly impossible.

"I feel bad because I don't want people to waste their money, and it costs me money whenever we have to reschedule because we have to push people back, and those people that I have to reschedule, I could have got someone else in," Shaw said.

It's a problem the photographer has yet to encounter before now.

"I have never seen it like this in East Texas, and I've been doing photography for three years. t's never done this to me before," Shaw said.

For now, Shaw said she is thankful to her loyal clientele for keeping her afloat.

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