Less With Lisa: East Texas extreme couponer uses phone to help funds

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - We twiddle our thumbs on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter apps for hours throughout the day, but our smart phones are even smarter than we know.

East Texas extreme couponer, Lisa Weiss, showed us how we can use the phones to help our funds.

We've started saving money with our coupons, but it doesn't stop there. Lisa says we can take savings further with items in our refrigerators and our cell phones.

“This is not so much a coupon as it is a rebate,” Lisa said.

There are apps that bring bucks right to your hands.

“This is Ibotta. I'm going to click on grocery and click on the screen. There are lots of stores to choose from, so I'll choose Walmart. These are free,” Lisa said.

Lisa showed East Texas an example of the rebates on one app.

“I bought the Hamburger Helper. I'm going to hit redeem. Get the Hamburger Helper, and verify the barcode. Now it's telling me that I matched my rebate,” Lisa said.

The apps vary, but most put your rebates on a card.  You can apply that money to your next trip to the store or let it stack up over time.

“I can get it in my PayPal account, or I can choose a gift card,” Lisa said.

These rebates, of course, can be used on top of the coupons you used to purchase the item with in the first place.

“This has nothing to do with the actual coupon. I've bought these items, and now I redeem,” Lisa said.

It's no surprise that you may use your laptop too. Lisa recommended Coupon Moms, but she said there are too many out there to list.

Lisa said to choose a few websites and apps you like and follow those, but don't go overboard.

She said  the rebates are great to build up and use for special occasions. She already has nearly $300 on one app and plans to use it for Christmas shopping.

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