Man Killed After Super Bowl Party

by Ramonica R. Jones

Investigators say Marco David Guzman was drunk when he ran over three people in front of the Sports Shack and two people in front of Big Boy's Toys on South First Street.

The Sports Shack was just 10 minutes away from closing Sunday night when a group of women started fighting in the parking lot.  Guzman's rampage had something to do with that fight.  Some of those women were among those run over.

"Shortly after that fight broke out, the subject got in his vehicle and was driving around through this parking lot and the parking lot adjacent to this at pretty high rates of speed, running into people, running over people," Corporal Mike Shurley says.

Management at the Sports Shack says Guzman was never inside the club Sunday night.  He reportedly ran over 27-year-old Jerry Henderson, 25-year-old Jessica Cardenas, and 21-year-old Briane Guzman.  Police says he drove next door to Big Boy's Toys and ran over 29-year-old Julio Esparza, who later died, and 27-year-old Rebecca Serrano, who's in critical condition.

"According to him, he was just trying to get out of here; that people were trying to get him to fight," Shurley says.  "He didn't want to do that; he was just trying to get out of here.  However, some of what he's saying isn't matching up with what witnesses' accounts are showing."

News of the incident spread quickly to other bar managers around town.  They know how customers act is not a reflection on their club.  They work hard to keep their establishments safe, even when some partyers get out of hand.

"We don't have a bouncer or anything like that," says Longneck Express president, Carl Hale.  "We go to the person and give them a little warning, and if they chill out, then that's fine. But, if they start getting a little more rowdy, then they're shown the door."

It's better to let the professionals handle a rowdy customer.

Lt. Gerald Williamson says, "Stand back and wait for the officers to arrive.  Try to get a good description of the individual causing problems. If they're in a vehicle, try to get a license plate number."

The three people hit in the Sports Shack parking lot had minor injuries.

The driver of the car, 21-year-old Marco Guzman, is from Detroit, Michigan.  He's in the Angelina County Jail, charged with murder and four counts of aggravated assault.  His bond is set at $350,000.