Jacksonville residents, businesses go third day without power

Jacksonville residents, businesses go third day without power

JACKSONVILLE, TX (KTRE) - Residents of Jacksonville were hit with strong winds late Monday night. Though the storm wasn't considered a tornado, residents say they still need help.

The National Weather Service deemed the storm that rushed through Jacksonville as only strong winds. 

"There are people everywhere out here that don't have lights and water," said Tara Watkins, a Jacksonville resident.  

"People are sitting at home in the dark," said Darin Wood, Central Baptist Church Pastor. 

It's been three days, and the heat is turning up as hundreds continue to sleep without air. A mother of eight says she's frustrated, her food is rotting, and her children are crying. 

"It's been like this for two days. My kids and I burning up," said Rhaenisha Willis. 

Down the road, a mortuary owner says restoration in Jacksonville is going much too slowly. 

"They still, to this day, don't have them on," said Vivian McGowan

She's concerned, as there is a body inside her business.  

"It seems like if you tell people you have a body in house, and you need your air, they would come and at least try to fix the lights," McGowan said.  

Tara Watkins says it's not only the lights. 

"When we don't have lights, we don't have water," Watkins said. 

She cares for a woman dear to her heart in her home. Her biggest fear is that she won't make it through the conditions. 

"I have a 102-year-old female here," Watkins said. 

She has spent hundreds already to keep the room of her loved one cool. Watkins says the damage in Jacksonville was not as severe as in Van, but they still need help, water, and lights. 

One pastor at Central Baptist Church served food to between 80 and 100 people today. 

"We realized there are still a lot of people without power," Wood said. 

He says they were blessed to be able to help the community. Not only members of the church are invited but everyone is.  Those who came today were thankful. 

For those not able to make it to organizations lending a helping hand, the wait continues. 

The pastor at Central Baptist Church say they will serve lunch again tomorrow between noon and 2 p.m. Oncor says power restoration in Jacksonville is on-going.

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