SFA advertising students brainstorm jingles for Nacogdoches water park

SFA advertising students brainstorm jingles for Nacogdoches water park

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Advertising jingles, once heard, are fixated in listeners' minds. Like Coke's, " I'd like to teach the world to sing" or Doublemint gum's "Double your pleasure, double your fun" are often found on best jingle lists.

Some SFA students would like to be so lucky with their promotion of a new waterpark.

"Come out and enjoy a hundred days of summer with me," said the lyrics to one of the jingles. Slide into summer at Timber Falls. Slide into summer at Timber Falls."

SFA Radio TV major Darrell Ward, a radio-TV student at Stephen F. Austin State University, listened to a 30-second jingle he wrote and performed for the soon-to-open waterpark, Timber Falls.

"A little soul, if you will," Ward said. "There was a little rap there in the beginning, but we kinda want to do a little R&B."

However, SFA seniors Paige Patterson and Caitlin Stuart stuck to rap for their 10-second spot.

"'Yo Mr. Timber chill out' ... oh, I messed up," Stuart said with a laugh. "Can I do it again?"

The advertising class of Dr. Linda Bond was commissioned by Splash Kingdom Director of Sales and Marketing Mickey Lewis to develop jingles. Six were selected and arranged by the SFA Music Department. The payment is learning an ad campaign requires a creative vibe.

"Go outside the box," Ward said "Like think about something that nobody else would really think about and put a lot of that into your [campaign)] "

"A lot of the same, like being creative and going outside your comfort zone and like working with other people that you may not know just to try to come up with something," Patterson said.

"Yes, same as Paige," Stuart said. "Working together. And I feel like this is all about collaboration."

Their collaboration worked nicely for Stuart's performance of their selected 10 second jingle.

"Yo, Mr. Timber relax and chill-axin,' sittin' by the pool," Stuart rapped. "That's what we're doing outside of school. Come to Splash Kingdom where you can really be a king. You'll be so happy, you'll dance and sing. Word."

That jingle and others will be placed on the Splash Kingdom website and in radio and TV ads in hopes the tune will be fixated on listeners' minds.

All the rain has delayed construction of Timber Falls in Nacogdoches. Opening date, right now, is the end of June or early July.

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