Hemphill residents concerned after fallen tree kills woman

Hemphill residents concerned after fallen tree kills woman

HEMPHILL, TX (KTRE) - A Hemphill woman lost her life after a large tree fell directly on her bedroom early Wednesday morning. Now, residents of the lakefront community are paying more attention to trees surrounding their homes.

87-year-old Stella Parrish was sleeping when the large tree gave way in Beechwood Subdivision One early Wednesday morning.

"It's happening everywhere in East Texas right now with all the rain, flooding, and thunderstorms coming in," said Robert Buck, M Brock INC tree removal company owner.

The ground holding the trees in heavily wooded areas is completely saturated.

"It's saturated to the max. It won't hold anymore water," said Marty Jeffrey.

"They're shocked. I mean, nobody expects it to fall," said Buck.

The ground is soft which is not normal around here. It's usually hard," Jeffrey said.

All over the Hemphill area, trees loom over homes, several have fallen, and several are leaning over.

"The water drains this way, so we get the bulk of the water here before it drains to the lake," Jeffrey said.

One tree removal company owner says they've seen a rise. There are only a few things people can do if they believe their homes are in danger of being damaged by surrounding trees.

"If you have any big ones close to your house when the storm comes, go to the opposite end," Buck said.

Neighbors say the loss has them more cautious.

"It makes you start looking around at the trees at your house to see what's leaning this way or that way," Jeffrey said.

Trees hover over his lakefront home. He says they're beautiful, but one tree could fall could be tragic. As severe weather continues, the community seems to agree on one thing.

"I mean, you can't predict mother nature," Buck said.

Buck says if you see trees leaning or uprooting near your home, you should call a local insured and bonded tree removal company to have it cut down.

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